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Balance Board

Our first model was made with balance board, however the next model came out with Stepper instead. You might feel tired and your blood supply might not be the same as It was in the beginning of your day. Using Sail for only couple of minutes gives you fresh feeling and your blood supply heals.


Stepper is hided, so you wouldn't even notice It.
Good product, if you are looking for Stepper into your office or modern home, but Gym steppers doesn't fit into your interior. ArtWorkoutTherapy has resolved your problem, now you get Stepper and design element in one product.

Hand massage

After long working day behind computer, It is good to relax on Sail and end the day with good mood. Hand massage also helps to avoid frequent diseases e.g. "mouse disease". 

Wrist roller

Simple but effective. Using only for couple of minutes gives good results.